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Corporate Office Factory
Address: 12 Tipu Sultan Road,
M.C.H.S., Block 7 & 8,

Plot No. B-298,
Sector 6-G,
Korangi Industrial Area,
Karachi - Pakistan
Phone: +92 (21) 34315290
+92 (21) 34315291
+92 (21) 34315292

+92 (21) 34549221



Karachi Club - Grand Quiz Rama

Grand Quiz Rama was heavily branded by Rivayat. The Rivayat banners and backdrop were placed along with a stall....

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Rivayat now introduces Rivayat Kheer Mix in almond and pistachio flavors. Another new range of products to be marketed soon is Rivayat Pickles which have five variants including Mango, Lemon, Chili, Garlic and Mixed Vegetables pickles.

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